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  • Dr Russ Reinbolt

A fairly typical day for a Dad who is an ultra runner and husband

So I had the day off yesterday. Here is a fairly usual day for me. Similar to you? After reading this post, let me know how my day differs from yours.

The alarm went off at 6:15. I had been up most of the night because of my nagging cough. So frustrating. After a breakfast of a Coke and 600 mg of Ibuprofen, I headed up the road to Mt Soledad in La Jolla then north up the coast towards San Marcos, CA where I would meet my wife at a store to select some stone masonry for our home. We’re doing some work on our house. I thought running 30 miles up to meet her would be a great workout and a fun little adventure.

I enjoyed running along the coast going through the communities that I head through in a southward direction when I run down from LA towards home. I turned inland to go through Encinitas, then Olivenhein, Carlsbad then San Marcos. Along the way, I ate energy bars for fuel. I ran out of water during a long stretch through a residential area. The signs by the irrigation sprinklers said “Reclaimed water. Do not drink.” As the temp warmed, I had to bum some from an elderly couple out on their walk. They seemed happy to donate.

When I showed up at the store, the guy showing us stone tile samples said “You just ran here from La Jolla?!” I said “Yup. Any chance you have a cold beer?” He replied “A…nope.”

On the way home, we stopped at Rubio’s so I could chow down a lobster burrito and a fish taco for my post run meal. After a long run, I usually have my recovery drink, Ultragen made by First Endurance. (A little plug here since I’m one of their product Ambassadors.)

We then picked up my girls from school. I teased my 10 year old about her daily walk from the school to their parents’ cars with her friend…who is a BOY. I asked my daughter to introduce him to me but she sternly said “No Dad. Let’s just go.” I think she has a teeny little crush on him.

Back home, I took a 40 minute nap out in my “Man Cave.” It was pure bliss.

After that, I had to deal with a flat tire on my wife’s car. Taking the tire off and putting on the spare, I saw a nail as the culprit. I took the tire in to our local repair shop. From there, I went up to watch the girls’ soccer practices. They were working pretty hard. We’ve been talking a lot about making EFFORT the focus for this coming season. Another goal will be SELF-DISCIPLINE.

For dinner, my wife made meatloaf, brussel sprouts and rice. At 8:30, I picked up my older daughter from her evening youth ministry at the church.

Soon, the kids were in bed and I gave them their nightly good night kiss. At this point, the hot tub was calling my name. I answered the call. Under an awesome full moon, I relaxed out there alone, reflecting on the day and all I have for which to be grateful . In the warm water, I went through my rigorous stretching routine which really helps this old body stay injury–free.

To finish off the day, I enjoyed my 1000 calorie bowl of Breyer’s Vanilla ice cream topped with a ton of Hershey’s Chocolate Sauce and Planter’s Dry Roasted Peanuts.

What a great day: Quality training and Quality family time, ending with hot tub and ice cream. Love it. I’m so fortunate!

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