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  • Dr Russ Reinbolt

Challenge yourself to be YOUR best!

Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself to be YOUR best!

“Aw, man. I could never do that.”

“I can’t even run a 5K.”

“You’re so much more dedicated than me.”

I hear these responses so often when people learn of my ultramarathon adventures. I notice that they immediately compare themselves to me. I tell them, “Don’t compare yourself to me or anyone else.” “You should not compare yourself to others. I don’t understand why people think they must compete, if you will, against others.

I tell them to work to be their best. I tell them to challenge themselves to improve in all aspects of their lives. Get as strong and as fit and as smart as YOU can. Become the best spouse, parent, whatever, that you can. BE YOUR BEST. Screw others and what they’re doing. Set a goal and work your butt off to accomplish YOUR goal. You owe it to yourself!

We all can do amazing things. What holds people back is one’s own self-imposed limits. No body else holds us back. We do it to ourselves. Stop it!

In my races, I don’t really care how I place in the standings. I care about doing the best I can that day in that particular event. If I finish poorly but still gave it my all, then I’ll be happy and satisfied.

I am hugely into setting goals. When I reach one, I set another. Sometimes a goal is not accomplished. No problem. Setbacks are opportunities for growth.

I challenge you to fight like a Tiger to BE YOUR BEST!!

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