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About me

I'm Russ Reinbolt and

I do crazy things

Emergency Doctor by day... Ultrarunner by day and night! I love challenging my limits and striving to reach my physical and mental potential. At the encouragement of my brother Jake, I started running in high school. I pretty much haven't stopped. Fitness and wellness are a huge part of who I am. And, I love helping others as well.


I'm a Board Certified ER Doctor at a busy trauma center in San Diego, CA. Best of all, I'm the proud husband of my wife of 14 years and proud father of two amazingly awesome daughters


motivational qUOTES

“The truth
has to be melted out of our stubborn lives
By suffering.
Nothing speaks the truth,
Nothing tells us how things really are,
Nothing forces us to know
What we do not what to know
Except pain.
And this is how the gods declare their love.
Truth comes with pain.”
― Aeschylus

(My translation:

Don't be afraid of pain-physical or emotional)

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