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Seattle Gummy Company

Seattle Gummy Company is a leading developer and manufacturer of gummy-based nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. The company has built key technology around drug delivery, API-complexing, controlled-release carbohydrates, and OTC & prescription medications.  Their Energon Qube Sports Gummies and Mocha Shots Caffeine Gummies work perfectly to enhance my performance during training, races and at work.  These are my go to "Secret Weapons" when am I beat down to a pulp in my multi-day ultra's.  I jokingly call them "Crack in a Pack!" 

Transformed Design

Graphic and Web Design Services Specializing in Custom Logos, Wordpress Websites and SEO.  Elias Curtis and staff provide amazing services.  They designed my logo for  I highly recommend them for any graphic design and web design needs.  Contact them!


Awesome plant-based protein and energy bars, protein and energy powders and other amazing sports nutrition products.  Designed and produced with all wholesome products straight from Brazil.  This company will be taking the US by storm this year.  Their bars got me through some really rough spots in my races in 2017.

Athlete Mental Skills Coach Brian Alexander

Brian has helped me become so much mentally tougher.  An elite athlete himself (US Men's National Water Polo Team), he has both the personal and professional experience to give anyone the tools necessary to achieve their true potential in any aspect of their lives. 

He works with athletes across all ages, all sports and all levels of personal and team competition.

I give him my highest recommendation.  

Just Run

JustRun is my go-to running store.  Located in the beautiful BirdRock area of La Jolla, CA.  Awesome selection of shoes, gear and apparel.  Owner Justin and store manager, Wes will take great care of you.  Check them out.  

Gracie Jiu Jitsu La Jolla

For the last one year, this is where I've been training a few days a week to learn self-defense and to get in some super high intensity workouts.  I can't recommend Instructor Matt Becker highly enough.  

DeSoto Sport

DeSoto is my absolute first choice for training and racing shorts, shirts and hats. They make the coolest stuff around. 

First Endurance Supplements and Sports Nutrition

First Endurance makes Ultragen which is my recovery drink.   I use it after ALL my runs.  With high quality protein, glutamine, carbs and vitamins and minerals, I consume two scoops of Ultragen within 30 minutes of finishing all my workouts.  I'm less sore after grueling training sessions and I'm able to train hard again the next day.  I'm very selective with my sports nutrition and as a Physician, I strongly recommend all First Endurance products.


Backcountry is my go-to on line retailer for pretty much everything outdoors.  They have been super helpful and generous in helping me select the right gear for my ultramarathon expeditions.   Ashleigh McClary is my favorite of their "Gearheads." 

AltoLab Hypoxic Simulators

I use AltoLab during the two weeks before any big race, especially one at altitude. I swear it works!  I would estimate a 5-10% bump in my aerobic capacity.  Completely legal.  Check it out.

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