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  • Dr. Russ Reinbolt

Construction Project

A few weeks ago, I started a major construction project. Not on our house. Not in the backyard. But on my body. I love it. Since I had surgery on my ankle/calcaneus bone four 1/2 months ago, I’ve had start to from scratch with regards to my running. I’ve been able to stay fit with biking, yoga, HIIT workouts and Jiu Jitsu training.

Because of a large calcaneal bone spur, I had my Achilles taken off of my bone, the spur was then shaved off then the Achilles was reattached. So mechanically, the process must mature and I can’t really rush it. With each of my recent runs, I’m feeling better and better. I am so tempted to crank up my mileage. But if I do so, I could really send myself back.

I love analogies. Here’s one: When somebody does a remodel of their home, they have to knock walls down and basically demolish the existing structure. Then they build things back up one piece at a time. I’m doing that with my ankle and my running fitness.

Many life lessons can be gleaned from this. For example, what if somebody’s in a career that they can’t stand? They may have to completely start over and go back to school. Sometimes even professional athletes, for example baseball players, have to completely retool their swing. A new coach may come in and completely change a team’s identity. The legendary Phil Jackson from the Los Angeles Lakers put in a significantly different triangle offense. Perhaps a pitcher has to retool his mechanics because of an elbow injury.

I enjoy the process of starting over pretty much for every race. After a big race, I allow myself a few weeks or a month to “throttle back” on my training. When I start up again, I’m still at a pretty high level of fitness. But I really enjoy the process of building up my mental toughness, my endurance and my strength. It’s very hard for me to maintain a high level of fitness throughout the entire year. I like rewarding myself after a big race and not having to train for a month or so. But in doing so, I’m faced with having to build myself back up again. I think it’s better that way. Truthfully, I think I enjoy the pursuit of maximal fitness/training moreso than actually maintaining high fitness then doing the race I’m training for.

I’ve never really started from scratch after having taken six months off from running. Just yesterday, I finally put in 17 miles at a decent speed with almost no heel pain. I am so tempted to build up my mileage even more such as by doing a 50 miler but I know II have to take it slowly. Again, It’s a construction process. Can’t build a house in a month.

What construction project are you working on?

Is it your mindset?

Is it your fitness, is it your relationships with your loved ones?

Is it your career?

Whatever it is, KEEP BUILDING!



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