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Badwater Training Update-Five weeks out!

So here I am, exactly five weeks out from my fifth go of the Badwater Ultramarathon. All in all, I’m feeling pretty strong. I think I’m right on schedule for my best performance ever out in the Mojave Desert. My schedule has not allowed me to do a Los Angeles to San Diego run every month for the last five months as planned. That had become the foundation of my Badwater training – – one mega long run per month mixed with medium length sessions and my usual runs in between.

I did do LA to San Diego about a month ago. I also ran 55 on my birthday and felt great. I have felt very strong in all my other runs. I’ve been doing a lot of weighted vest runs which, although only seven miles, are a ridiculously difficult workout. The extra 40 pounds I carry in the vest absolutely gases me for the rest of the day when I do those. If you have been reading my posts, you know how much I value the high intensity training. I’ve been doing lots and lots of that as well.

This includes my jiu jitsu training. This has turned out to be a surprisingly beneficial addition to my fitness training. I go as hard and long as I can when we ”Roll.”

Last week I ran to work and back three days in a row, giving me 60 quality miles in three days. This partially simulates race conditions in that I’m running when tired.

I really want to get in one more LA to San Diego/125 Miler. But, the only chance I have to do it would be July 4th and 5th. However, that’s less than three weeks before the big race. So I’m leaning towards not doing that. I want to be as fresh as possible at the starting line.

Mechanically, I’m good. No injuries. Of course, I’m trying to eat as well as possible and get as much quality sleep as possible at nighttime.

And most importantly, I’m working on ”sharpening the sword.” Specifically, I’m focusing on my mental game. Every day, I think about how I can maximize my potential come race day. We all know how much THE MIND CONTROLS EVERYTHING!

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