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Susitna 100 Training Update

So, I’m a little over two weeks out from Susitna 100. My training has come together really nicely. Now I’m focusing on logistics. What I mean by that is equipment/what I will take and where to put stuff, either on my body or back in the sled that I’ll be towing behind me.

I just finished a really solid four days of high intensity and high quality training. Sunday, I ran seven miles with my 45 pound weighted vest. I felt very strong. Monday and yesterday I ran to work and back which is 11 miles each way. So I got a solid 44 miles in two days. Then today as soon as I got up, I went out and busted out another 22, doing my 11 mile hilly loop up and down Mt. Soledad in La Jolla twice. That’s three days in a row of 22 miles each. Tomorrow, I’ll give my legs a rest especially because of my gimpy right soleus muscle. I tweaked it running up a steep hill with a weighted vest a few weeks ago. Running the San Diego Trail 50 shortly after the injury certainly didn’t help things. To keep my foot on the gas, I’ll do my high intensity strength training workout with the heavy ropes. Then I’ll go to jujitsu class at noon. I’ll make sure to go full tilt while getting submitted probably about 10 times by guys with higher belts.

Friday, I plan on doing another Susitna simulation workout down at the beach, by dragging the sled with 50 pounds of weight in it through the soft sand. I’m hoping these workouts prove to be very beneficial when I get up to Alaska. I’m trying to build even more core strength in preparation for pulling the sled one hundred miles over ice and snow. I’m confident that my sled will slide much more easily on the ice and snow that it does in the wet, soft, sand here in Southern California.

I pretty much have all my food, beverages, clothes and supplies set for the race. Though the threat of wild animal attacks seems very low, I still plan on taking my .357 Magnum. I just don’t know where to stash it during the race. The chances of me using it are so slim that it’s hard for me to justify carrying it on my body, either in my running pack, in a chest holster or somewhere on my back. I can’t put it on my waist belt because it’ll bang around constantly with each stride. So as of now I plan on stashing it in the front of my sled. If God forbid I need it, I should be able to get to it very fast. I’ll just have to tell the bear or the wolves to hold on a few seconds while I go get the gun.

I’m also trying to figure out the best way to keep my food and water from freezing solid. I’ll keep rotating in a steady supply of bars and food up against my body so it stays warm and thawed. But how do I keep the stuff from freezing when it’s back in the sled? I wonder if putting those chemical hand warmer packs inside my drink bladder in my pack might work. Another problem will be keeping the tubing and drink mouthpiece from freezing up. A neoprene sleeve might do the trick.

I still have a lot to think about and a lot to prepare for. I really enjoy the logistical challenge of this race in addition to the physical and mental challenge of it. I’m super excited about doing something outside of my comfort zone. I keep thinking back to the Navy SEAL saying,” Get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

Be sure to check the website/blog in a few weeks for a full detailed race report and hopefully with pictures (assuming my phone and camera don’t freeze out there!).

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