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  • Dr Russ Reinbolt

Here's my planned race schedule for 2018

Pulling a sled with weights to simulate running in the Alaskan snow, preparing for Susitna 100 in February.

1. January 13th: San Diego Trail 50 Miler in Escondido

2. February 17-18: Susitna 100 Mile Endurance Run. Outside Anchorage Alaska.

3. April 16th: Boston Marathon!

4. May 29-30th: Badwater Salton Sea 81 Miler with Coach Tom Atwell on my team. Salton Sea, CA to Palomar mountain.

5. June 1: San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon

6. July 23rd and 24th: Badwater Ultramarathon. 135 miles in Mojave Desert

7. October 12th-15th: Moab 240 Mile Endurance Run, Moab Utah.

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