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  • Dr Russ Reinbolt

Quick Moab 240 Post Race Report

I’ll have my full Moab 240 Race Report up by this weekend. SO much to share with you.

Briefly, I had two major issues which affected me greatly. First of all, I stupidly neglected to allow myself more sleep. Moreso, I had trouble falling asleep at the sleep stations because of it being too cold or mostly because of too much damn noise from others coming in and out of the tents.

Secondly, the much colder than expected temperatures really crushed me. I had lots of layers but still needed warmer clothes. The sleep deprivation completely upset my temperature regulation, such that I was basically in a shock state.

Then to make things worse, I lost the trail only six miles from the finish. It had turned dark at this point and as fate would have it, my headlamp, my cell phone and my backup battery charger all had gone dead. I think the frigid temperatures really accelerated the draining of the batteries. I had to hunker down in a cave I dug for five torturous hours shivering violently until another runner and his pacer found me, as they saw my reflective vest near the side of the trail. They were like angels coming down from heaven. A lot more on that later.

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